3 Cool Ways You Can Donate Your Old Wheels For A Good Cause

That old car of your may have served its purpose for you, and something shiny and new is looking awfully pretty in comparison. But before you trade off that old ride for a new one or send your old car to the scrapyard, you should keep in mind that through the eyes of some, that old car of yours still has a lot of life left. There are a lot of advantages of donating your used car to a good cause, such as being able to write the donation off on your taxes. So make sure you check with these local organizations to find out if they may be on the lookout for a car they can give a brand new life even though it is no longer any use to you. 

Local Trade Schools

Local trade schools, such as those that specialize in mechanical certification programs, are always on the lookout for old car donations. The best part about donating to a trade school is the fact that in most cases, it doesn't matter at all if the car is running, will start, or even if it has been wrecked. These cars are used in classes to train up-and-coming mechanics in various areas, such as auto body repair and engine troubleshooting. 

Local Military Vet Associations

If you are lucky enough to have a localized organization that specializes in helping retired soldiers, they may very well be on the lookout for car donations. Many of these organizations have programs in place to help veterans get a vehicle which they would otherwise not be able to afford. Some even accept car donations and fix them up for wounded veterans with special driving needs, such as those who may need a vehicle to be wheelchair accessible. 

Low-Income Student Assistance Organizations

If there is a charitable organization nearby who specializes in helping college students get their education in spite of coming from a low-income family, they may also be in need of used vehicles. Some of these organizations help with everything from paying for an apartment to getting books, but there are a few that actually help students get a decent vehicle so they can travel to and from work and school without a hassle or the burden of a big car payment. This is a good idea if your old car is still mechanically sound, but you no longer need or want it. 

For more information, visit websites like http://actiondonation.org.

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