Tips For Raising Cancer Awareness In Minority Communities

Many people are aware of cancer because they might have had a loved one who had cancer or because they are inundated with a variety of cancer awareness advertisements and products, including awareness ribbon pins. Mainstream culture tends to make people very aware of cancer. However, minority ethnic groups might not be as plugged into mainstream culture and therefore might not be as aware of the risks of cancer. This can lead to it taking longer for them to get diagnosed and treated, which can make the cancer stronger. Here are some tips for raising cancer awareness in minority communities.

1. Find Members of the Community Who Have Had Cancer

Your best method for reaching out to a minority community if you yourself are not part of that community is to find members of the community who have had cancer and have beaten it. Get them to tell their stories in many different ways. Have newspapers talk to them and have them detail their journey through cancer, such as what symptoms they had, what treatment was like, and how their health insurance covered it. Get these individuals to talk at health centers, schools, and other locations where people usually gather. This will help raise overall awareness of what the symptoms look like and why getting treatment early is very important.

2. Tailor Your Awareness Pamphlets

Your pamphlets that you pass out in the mainstream community might not be appropriate or helpful for people who live in minority communities. They might not connect to the people in the pamphlets because they might not look alike or they might not use the same language. Talk to leaders in the community that you are trying to target for assistance with regards to getting your pamphlets put together so that they are as effective as possible and directly reflect the needs of the community.

3. Push Awareness Products

Finally, push awareness products in the community, such as ribbon awareness pins. Minority communities might not have been totally penetrated by these products and it is important that you actually take the time to push these products through so that everyone is used to seeing them and understanding what they mean. Be clear that the sale of these products will go to helping people in that community fight cancer.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in cancer awareness ribbon pins, such as Custom Pins Inc. They will be able to help you tailor your marketing strategy.

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